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Rama Tours Educational Travel

We strongly believe that travel is one of the most effective and sustainable methods of Education for our future generations. Getting to understand foreign culture, religion, economy, education system, corporate structure, government, along with experiencing the sights and natural resources has profound affects on the students' academic and personal growth. Furthermore, our youth come back with higher acceptance and respect for people from other parts of the world. Our company's primary focus is on Educational Travel, a branch of tourism that extends beyond the realm of cultural transition.


At Rama, we make it our personal concern to assure that students have the utmost educational and unique cultural experiences while traveling. We help schools carefully plan the itinerary, inclusions, and services based on their needs and budget. We collaborate with faculty, administrators and students to assure we meet their every expectation in combining leisure travel experience with business meetings, etc.


We have access to a wide network of international institutions where we arrange educational lectures and seminars for visiting students. We have solid foundations with international companies such as consultancy and engineering, and major manufacturing industries such as textiles, chemical, and steel to name a few. We also work with bodies of government, and many other entities students in educational travel programs may wish to visit. Rama takes a "hands on" approach in providing travel in conjunction with special interests.


Furthermore, we stay within your budget to provide you with the most value for your money, without compromising on quality and control. We have long-standing relationships with a large network of local partners such as hoteliers, transportation companies, and ground operators. These partners are extensions of the Club Rama team, and represent us in supporting our mission and commitment to our clients by providing them with exceptional service in each city.