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Modern Egypt is a thriving mixture of cosmopolitan culture. Egypt also boasts of a five thousand-year-old history of culture and civilization. It is a land, which is rich in art and history, people and places. Egypt has emerged as one of the most cultured nations of the world. The cultural history of Egypt can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Ancient Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egyptian Culture represents the ancient ages of Egypt . The Ancient Egyptian age was a very fascinating era in history. Beginning approximately in the year 3000 BC, the ancient era of Egypt lasted till about 300 BC. Extensive excavations of Egyptian historical sites have revealed that ancient Egypt had achieved very high standards of culture. Artifacts and relics found from these excavations reveal that ancient Egyptians were very conscious about fashion and culture. The ancient royalty of Egypt such as the pharaohs wore a lot of gold jewelry. The abundance of this precious metal made ancient Egypt a rich nation. The royal tombs of Egypt also reveal that they wore silk fabrics. Ancient Egyptian clothing was classified on the caste hierarchy.